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Our services include custom designs with client input. We will take your ideas and turn them into a one of a kind masterpiece. Additionally, with years of experience in covering up and fixing pieces - let’s help you feel confident with your artwork again. From dainty script to florals, new school color work and neo traditional, realism to old school - we can do it all. We offer a wide array of piercings - From ears and navels to private piercings. Our highly experienced and of course sterile piercer, will make you feel calm and relaxed before, during and after the whole process. One of our main focal points - Is your comfort, inside the shop and outside. Relaxation and good conversation can be expected. Strong language is advised.

  • 30 minutes • Price varies

  • Duration varies • Price varies -Permanent eyeliner Micro brushing

  • Duration varies • Price varies - Tattoo looking a bit bleak? A simple touch up could make a huge difference

  • Duration varies • Price varies - We create a completely custom tattoo with the specks that you provide

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Our Team and Story


  • Angie

    Tattoo Artist

  • Jay

    Tattoo Artist

  • Schalk

    Tattoo Artist

  • Alix


  • Inksane Tattoos SA has been running since 2009, Jay and Angie have always wanted to grow an awesome shop and brand that is industry friendly and inclusive.

    We specialize in growing and bettering until we are competing with the best artists and shops in South Africa.

    We strive to make sure your tattoos and piercings are done right the first time so you will always have something awesome and beautiful from the beginning and for the rest of your life.

    We do as well have a passion for fixing and covering those pieces that you may not be proud of and never having to worry again.

    We work with the highest quality machines, needles, inks and consumables so that our clients know that they are in safe and sterile hands.

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Shop B1, E Pretoria, 16 Lavender Rd, Wonderboom, Pretoria, 0182

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